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OC Drawing (Updated) by FlightStar12 OC Drawing (Updated) :iconflightstar12:FlightStar12 1 0 Inflatible Bonnie v.2 by FlightStar12 Inflatible Bonnie v.2 :iconflightstar12:FlightStar12 6 3 OC Drawing by FlightStar12 OC Drawing :iconflightstar12:FlightStar12 2 0 Inflatible Bonnie by FlightStar12 Inflatible Bonnie :iconflightstar12:FlightStar12 3 1 Bonnie and Serena by FlightStar12 Bonnie and Serena :iconflightstar12:FlightStar12 9 8 Pokemon XY: Demotivational Poster by FlightStar12 Pokemon XY: Demotivational Poster :iconflightstar12:FlightStar12 2 0 I Am Beautiful. by FlightStar12
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I Am Beautiful. :iconflightstar12:FlightStar12 1 0
Hardest Thing To Do. by FlightStar12 Hardest Thing To Do. :iconflightstar12:FlightStar12 1 0 Flight is unamused. by FlightStar12 Flight is unamused. :iconflightstar12:FlightStar12 0 0 Dark Angel John Weapon Form by FlightStar12 Dark Angel John Weapon Form :iconflightstar12:FlightStar12 0 0 I drew you! by FlightStar12 I drew you! :iconflightstar12:FlightStar12 0 0 Mika Harima 2 by FlightStar12 Mika Harima 2 :iconflightstar12:FlightStar12 0 0 Lugia and Johnlock by FlightStar12 Lugia and Johnlock :iconflightstar12:FlightStar12 0 0
I'm Done With You.
I'm Done With You.
I'm done with your games.
I'm done with your heart.
I'm done with your smile.
I'm done with your laugh.
I'm done with the pain you've given me.
Just leave me alone.
I'm done with your life.
I'm done with your friends.
You've played with my heart,
And dropped it on the floor.
Shattered to pieces.
I thought I may be the end,
But I'm greater than that.
So after all,
I'm done with your carelessness.
I'm done with your drama.
I'm done with you.
:iconflightstar12:FlightStar12 1 1
I'm Just a Game to You.
Am I just a game to you?
A broken little piece
On your shiny game board.
I'm moved space to space by you,
Nothing but a pawn.
I want to amount to more,
But there's nothing I can do.
I am taken by the other,
Pulled out of the game
And set aside.
Will you even care?
Will you break the rules to get me back?
You will not.
You simply take out another pawn.
Brand new,
And unaware of your cruel moves.
I wish to you warn the new pawn,
But love is blinding.
So I really am just a game to you.
A small pawn on a big board.
Nothing but a simple disposable heart.
If I get taken down,
I am simply replaced.
By a newer and better pawn.
Unaware of your cruel moves...
:iconflightstar12:FlightStar12 2 12
Oh Why Can't You Be Mine?
At first glance,
I came to hate you 
You seeme so perfect,
The thing I could never get.
I insulted and yelled.
At the hope of bringing you down.
But all it did was build my resentment,
Toward your perfect life and smile.
A year went by,
And it all seemed the same.
You were perfect,
The thing I could never get.
But something made me stop,
All the teasing and taunting.
You were so kind,
At a time I was not.
My resentment faded.
And it turned into love.
I tried to tell you,
Once or twice.
But the words were stuck.
Never to be spoken,
By a shy girl like me.
Someone has asked him,
Who do you have a crush on?
What he said was not my name.
Why do your words hurt so much?
Those words of perfection?
I want to be loved,
By someone as perfect as you.
But my mind took over,
And I locked the words away.
I ask my self,
When ever you're around.
Oh why...
Why can't you be mine? 
:iconflightstar12:FlightStar12 1 1


bed love Base by FoxxBases bed love Base :iconfoxxbases:FoxxBases 1,289 129 Flash: DuraSP by Kamaniki Flash: DuraSP :iconkamaniki:Kamaniki 1,792 275 Anri Sonohara by raviravi228 Anri Sonohara :iconraviravi228:raviravi228 182 9 MLP- Rainbow Dash by niaro MLP- Rainbow Dash :iconniaro:niaro 1,652 32 MLP- Pinkie Pie by niaro MLP- Pinkie Pie :iconniaro:niaro 2,227 83 MLP- Apple Jack by niaro MLP- Apple Jack :iconniaro:niaro 1,136 20 MLP- Rarity by niaro MLP- Rarity :iconniaro:niaro 1,229 51 MLP- Twilight Sparkle by niaro MLP- Twilight Sparkle :iconniaro:niaro 1,711 62 MLP- Fluttershy by niaro MLP- Fluttershy :iconniaro:niaro 1,997 66 You Are Not Alone by Tuooneo You Are Not Alone :icontuooneo:Tuooneo 551 21 agnostic angel by yoyterra agnostic angel :iconyoyterra:yoyterra 430 39 drawr by Alpsgirl drawr :iconalpsgirl:Alpsgirl 248 6 Baker by Smushey Baker :iconsmushey:Smushey 420 25
All in War
When you're lost,
In the sands of a time,
Where bad is best,
And everyone dies.
Craving the ash,
Of the innocent,
Holding the hatch,
For the putrescent.
Holding the rope,
That breaks their necks,
Shattering hopes,
To deadly effects.
All in war,
All on the floor,
Blood and gore,
And you crave more.
Gutting for the fun of it,
Killing for the sake of it,
Burning for the smell of shit,
Running, Ever scared of it.
The writing on the asylum wall,
They don't see it,
But I'm enthralled,
Every deed I've ever done,
I'm appalled.
Kill me,
Kill me,
Let me fall.
:iconinfernalwordsmith:InfernalWordsmith 16 23
Iridescence by luisbc Iridescence :iconluisbc:luisbc 331 57
Did anyone notice that she winced if you raised your arm?
Did anyone notice that her eyes were wide with alarm?
Did anyone notice that she never looked you in the eye?
Did anyone notice that her voice was but a sigh?
Did anyone notice that her skin was always bruised?
Did anyone question whether she might be abused?
Did anyone question why she walked in obvious fear?
Did anyone question why one day she did not appear?
Did anyone recognize her face on the six-o’clock news?
Did anyone see her remains pulled from the river refuse?
Did anyone care that this quiet girl no longer exists?
No.  No one did. And she will never even be missed.
:iconinsanityadjuster:InsanityAdjuster 1,134 398


Huehuheuhueheuheuheuheuheuh Tablets. What is this.
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